English-speaking pre-school

Facing the needs and expectations of contemporary parents we decided to open an English speaking pre-school. Here, along with highly qualified and friendly teachers your children develop their skills in different disciplines. Our work is based on an innovatory curriculum aiming especially at young European minds.

7 good points of Kid's Corner:

  1. professional vocational teachers
  2. unique innovational teaching programme
  3. multiculture and tolerance
  4. comfortable conditions to learn and play
  5. individual approach to every unique child
  6. lots of English
  7. extra curricular activities (if parents agree) - horse riding, tennis, swimming, dancing, foreign languages
Learning a foreing language at early age:

  • the plasticity of our brain and speech organs is immense
  • we learn and acquire language without any effort
  • we learn tolerance and understanding toward individuality
  • we support overall development of physical and mental skills
  • we learn how to investigate world
  • we play and have fun along with education
Only Kid's Corner offers you totally English education. Our children grow and develop in the atmosphere full of English. Every sentence, game or activity in connected with English. Children begin to speak, think and dream in English which becomes an integrated element of their lives. Their childhood becomes unique and exceptional full of funny YES and WOW.
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